Art For Vera

My daughter Vera is undergoing treatment for cancer. I am making some jewelry to commemorate her experience and raise some funds. 

This magnetic "Port Brooch" is meant to be worn as a gesture of love and support for Vera during and after her cancer treatment.

The red part of the brooch is similar to the needle used to "access" Vera's port when receiving chemotherapy and drawing blood. The steel back piece is roughly the shape of the vascular access port that is embedded under Vera's skin just below her left clavicle. They are handmade by me, Vera's daddy, of fired vitreous enamel on copper, a strong neodymium magnet and a steel back. It should be worn on your upper left clavicle area, similar to the location of Vera's port.

Great for men and women.

Each piece is individually hand made, and they may vary slightly from one another.